Infant Curriculum  

​Our infant rooms are designed to create a warm and loving environment with well trained staff to help meet the needs of your child. We will follow the daily schedule provided by you to ensure a comfortable transition from home to our center. Our teachers create a trusting and safe environment to meet babies social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs.

In our infant classrooms, each child is given individualized attention. Each child will have their own crib labeled just for them. Because babies are continually growing and changing, teachers communicate with parents through a detailed report daily. This report goes over baby's feeding, sleeping, diapering, and developmental growth. Our teachers provide an active learning environment with a wide variety of materials for infants to explore and play at their own pace. Below is a list of our Infant classroom goals:

Infant Classroom Goals:

Social and Emotional Development:

  • form an attachment to a primary caregiver
  • build relationships with other adults
  • express emotions

Physical Development and Health:

  • move parts of the body (turning head, reach for objects, etc..)
  • move the whole body (sitting up, rolling, crawling, cruising)

Communication, Language, and Literacy:

  • communicate nonverbally
  • enjoy stories, rhymes, and songs

Cognitive Development

  • explore objects with their hands, feet, mouth, eyes, ears, and nose
  • experience the meaning of "more"
  • anticipate familiar events

Creative Arts:

  • listen & respond to music
  • explore and imitate sounds

We understand the transition into childcare can be difficult for parents and children. Here at Mi Casa we have an open door policy for parents to come check on their child at anytime. Nursing mothers are welcome to nurse at their convenience in our infant room. ​