Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

(4 and 5 yr olds)

We provide a state-adopted, research-based curriculum to help increase your child's school readiness. We believe children flourish and grow through academics and expressive play. Educational goals for our Pre-Kinders include:

Social Development:

  • Demonstrates self-help skills
  • ​Gets along with other children
  • Has positive self-image
  • Follows classroom rules
  • Shows respect for own and others belongings
  • Takes care of and manages classroom materials 

​Physical Development

  • Healthy behaviors
  • Shows control of tasks that involve small muscle movement 
  • ​Holds pencil and crayon correctly
  • Demonstrates hand-eye coordination puzzles, stringing)

Language Development and Reading Readiness:

  • Identifies letters in the alphabet (goal 20)
  • ​Participates in oral discussions
  • ​Recognizes first name
  • Speaks in complete sentences of four or more words
  • Child retells a story after it is read aloud 
  • Imitates modeled reading behaviors 
  • Describes own creations 

Math Readiness and Science

  • Counts orally
  • Recognizes the numbers & symbols
  • Recognizes such geometric shapes as circles, squares and triangles
  • Enjoys experimenting & shows an interest in the world around him/her
  • creates patterns
  • sorts objects
  • ​Identifies and/or practices good personal health habits (hygiene, nutrition, exercise)

We understand the transition into childcare can be difficult for parents and children and have an open door policy for parents to come check on their child at anytime.