Preschool Curriculum 


We provide a state-adopted, research-based curriculum to help increase your child's school readiness. We believe children flourish and grow through academics and expressive play.

​Educational goals for our Preschoolers include:

Social Development:

  • Building relationships
  • Problem solving
  • Gets along with other children
  • Has positive self-image
  • Follows classroom rules
  • Shows respect for own and others belongings
  • Willing to try new activities

​Physical Development

  • Healthy behaviors
  • Large muscle development (running, hopping, jumping)
  • Learns to communicate and master bathroom needs effectively
  • Shows dominant hand
  • Holds pencil and crayon correctly
  • Demonstrates hand-eye coordination puzzles, stringing)

Language Development and Reading Readiness:

  • Begins to recognize colors and alphabet letters
  • Develops a larger vocabulary through stories and discussion
  • Participates in oral discussions
  • Knows own name, the teacher’s name, and some classmates names
  • Recognizes first name
  • Begins to recognize basic colors

Math Readiness and Science

  • Counts orally
  • Recognizes the numbers & symbols
  • Recognizes such geometric shapes as circles, squares and triangles
  • Enjoys experimenting & shows an interest in the world around him/her
  • Part Patterning (A,B,A,B)
  • Seriates (small to medium to large)

We understand the transition into childcare can be difficult for parents and children and have an open door policy for parents to come check on their child at anytime.