Toddler Curriculum 

​Mi Casa’s Toddler classrooms are designed to nurture your child’s development while providing an environment where children are encouraged to explore, create and learn. Our teachers create a warm and friendly classroom setting for your child to thrive. During active play, a child’s mind, body, and emotions develop, and true learning takes place. Below is a list of our Toddler goals and a glimpse of what your child will experience at our facility.

Toddler Goals:​
Social and Emotional Development 

  • solve problems encountered in exploration and play
  • do things for themselves
  • builds relationships with other adults
  • builds relationships with peers
  • shows empathy toward the feelings and needs of others
  •  play with others and participate in group routines

Physical Development and Health

  • move the whole body (rolling, crawling, cruising, walking, running, balancing)
  • feel and experience a steady beat with music (dance)

Communication, Language, and Literacy

  • participate in two-way communication
  • speaks to express their needs ( use two or more word sentences)
  • explores picture books and magazines
  • enjoys stories, rhymes, and songs

Math & Science Cognitive Development

  • explore and notice how things are the same or different
  • experience one-to-one correspondence
  • experience the number of things
  • explore fill and empty, put in and take out
  • take things apart and fit them together
  • anticipate familiar events
  • experience "fast" and "slow"
  • repeat an action to make something happen again, experience cause and effect

Creative Arts

  • children imitate and pretend
  • explore building and art materials
  • respond to and identify pictures and photographs
  • children listen and respond to music
  • children explore and imitate sounds.